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Meet Chris



10 years ago, I was in search of: a community where I would feel free to be myself and to love who I wanted; a community where economic options were limitless, and I could risk dreaming big; a community that cares for their neighbors, the environment, and the nation we all share; a community to call home.  I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have found all of those things - and I found them all in our amazing city, Austin! 


Austin is a city of hope, opportunity, and very weird people. So weird, in fact, that we care about healthcare for everyone, we care about equal justice for all our communities, and we care about the effects of climate change. The Texas legislature, through a process of extreme political gerrymandering, decided to group as many of us “weird people” as they could into one central Texas Congressional district, the new 37th. While this new redistricting plan will be harmful for many of our communities of color across Texas, most residents of Austin and Travis county will find relief as we finally have a unified voice to raise our concerns and our solutions to the national level.

I believe Austin deserves a choice in this next election. The city has changed wildly over the last decade, resulting in an electorate that is younger, more diverse, and more progressive than ever. With this new district, Austin has a choice to elect someone who embodies this change and to send a new voice to Congress. Let’s get weird!

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