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Key Issues

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Reproductive Justice

It is the right of every individual to make their own choice when confronted with decisions that will affect their body and family.

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Climate Change

Climate change demands that we act now to protect the most venerable Americans, to safeguard property, guarantee a high quality of life, and to preserve our environment.

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Equality For All

We must recognize that our institutions, while reformed, may still perpetuate practices that are either explicitly or implicitly biased against specific groups of people and continue to cause immeasurable harm.

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Wage Reform

It is clear to the American people that our current federal minimum wage of $7.25 is not sufficient to cover the increasing costs of housing, services, healthcare, and basic quality of life expenses. The stagnation of the minimum wage has greatly contributed to the wealth gap that we are grappling with across the county.

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Immigration and Border Security

Compassion for the humanity and the struggles of those who seek life in the US must be our highest priority.

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Medicare for All

Healthcare is arguably the most critical issue facing our country today. With an aging population, rising care costs, and a widening wealth divide, many Americans are facing tremendous challenges when making choices about their health.

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In the United States we are all called to serve our country in many ways, but no one has answered that call with more honor, courage, and self-sacrifice than our active military personnel and veterans.

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Fostering Innovation

We must maintain our role as the world leader of innovation to set the global agenda in critical areas like democratic norms, ethical business practices, human rights, and social equity.

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Voting Rights & Campaign Finance

We must guarantee equal, unrestricted access to our polling locations, end partisan gerrymandering of our communities, and eliminate “dark money” from our elections to ensure our fundamental American right of fair representation is upheld for everyone.

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Restorative Justice

As a nation we must come to a unified understanding that many of our institutions are not designed to treat all Americans equally. This is especially true in our criminal justice system.

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Unionized Labor

If we look back through history, there has always been a struggle between the interests of Labor and management. This struggle is entirely necessary to protect the rights of the individual employee.

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