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Press Release (12/3/21)

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

For Immediate Release

Chris Jones for Congress Campaign Kick-Off Event

Tuesday, December 7th, 7pm at Draught House Pub & Brewery

Austin, TX – December 6th, 2021 – Chris Jones, a Democrat currently running to represent Texas’ newly formed 37th District in US Congress, is holding his official campaign launch event on Tuesday, December 7th at the Draught House Pub and Brewery. Jones, a political newcomer, is running in TX-37 because he “believes Austin deserves a choice in our next election” and that a new representative should reflect the city as it is today with “an increasingly younger, more diverse, and more progressive” electorate.

Jones, 31, is running against Representative Lloyd Doggett who has represented several Austin-based districts since 1994. Jones has voted for Representative Doggett in the past, but believes that “with much of Austin being reunited for the first time in years after decades of partisan gerrymandering, it’s time for a fresh face with a renewed passion to represent our city.”

The event will feature a meet and greet, followed by supporter speeches, as well as a speech from Mr. Jones. After the speech, there will be a brief question and answer session for attendees, both in person and virtual.

More information on the event, as well as the campaign, can be found at


Chris Jones is a candidate for Texas’ 37th District for US Congress. He is a progressive Democrat passionate about issues like Reproductive Rights, Medicare for All, Climate Change, Equality for All, Restorative Justice, and more. For more information, reach out to our press team via email at

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